NAME: Ouroboros
CALL ME: Ouro or Kal/Ted
AGE: 23 yrs (6.4.99)
PRONOUNS: They/Them, Xey/Xem or She/Her
LANGUAGE: Feminine, neutral

NOTE: Kal/Ted is the main fronter's name, but you can use it anyway lol go nuts

Autistic disabled DID system of 300+ hosted by a Ted who's got uranium in her brain. Considered a bit of a 'loose cannon' by peers. Never seems to sleep at normal times. Drinks too much coffee.

Dating our beloved Felix since 19.09.18 <3

No DNI, I'll just sandblast you if you don't pass the vibe check.

โ˜… And One
โ˜… Coleslaw
โ˜… Iced coffee
โ˜… Star Stable Online
โ˜… Flight Rising
โ˜… Planes & tanks
โ˜… Horses
โ˜… The weather
โ˜… Pizza
โ˜… Having to count
โ˜… Ketchup
โ˜… Coffee without sugar

โ˜… Skittles & Scared
โ˜… Ted (lol)
โ˜… Captain
โ˜… Tankgirl
โ˜… All those weird bitches in
the background of Infinity
โ˜… TEDCOM <3
โ˜… Almost every Ted ship
โ˜… ComCap
โ˜… TimCom

No Skittles ships pls

I recently got a job as a post office clerk and yes, I WILL throw your package out of the nearest twenty story building.* I'm an official helper for the PluralKit Discord bot, and I'm also a Dominance Coordinator for Lightning on Flight Rising. I do some other shit but who CARES

I'm really super obsessed with this German synthpop band called And One. If you are in a room with me for too long I WILL start talking about them to you. I'd tell you to stream Trilogie I on Spotify now but it's not on Spotify because I'm oppressed specifically. :(

* for legal reasons this is a joke

Here's where I put fun stuff that I like :}

By Rob

I play PonyTown quite a bit, and you're probably reading this because of that. Unless you got here by accident and don't know what the fuck Horse City is. Well actually a town isn't a city so that spoonerism doesn't work. Shame on you.

I mostly only play PonyTown with my partner, but I can sometimes be found alone. I'm usually on TANKMEN skins but sometimes can be on other random shit, such as Splatoon. Sometimes skins correspond to alter, but also often don't. We enjoy blorbos here, sir.

System littles sometimes play on 18+ - that's none of your business! No Touch Discomfort unless specified in a skin name - don't bother being a cunt about it, you'll be sent to the shadow realm. No issues with covering, hiding, or interaction!

We have no problems with 'doubles', kins, IRLs, etc. If you do, just feel free to hide us. Sourcemates are welcome to interact, and we're perfectly happy roleplaying as our sources. Life's too short not to have fun about it, y'know?!??!!

Hiii (twirls hair) I'm Ouro and I'm a twisted fucking cycle path. Welcome to my Twitter this is where I pour my insane thoughts into a jar and shake them up and you all have to put up with it. YAY!

I'm a DID system of 300+ but I don't sign my tweets because noone has time for that. I mostly talk about TANKMEN because it's my special interest. I'm interaction friendly and it's alright if you interact w/ me even if I don't follow you back - I like to keep my TL very specific because something's super duper wrong with me.

My defining trait is that Ted is a girl to me and that's all I've got. You know I coded this whole website and then forgot to write anything interesting in it. Please help me I'm a prisoner of my own design

not like literally anyone is gonna fight me on this one